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         road widener

SPD 6 - with additional tape

In terms of the overall concept, the SP 6 are particularly economical and compact road widener. They are suitable for paving all types of gravel, frost protection material, humus and asphalt.


Thanks to their compact dimensions, they can cope with even the tightest of construction sites. Their small width and weight are also impressive, which means they can be transported quickly and without long set-up times.


Thanks to its simple operating concept, working with this series is even faster and safer.


These road widener are driven by economical water-cooled, turbo-charged 4 cylinder Cummins diesel engines. Thanks to their front-wheel drive, these machines have excellent traction.


- self-propelled road widener
- Paving speed: 0 - 150 feet / min
- Installation on both sides

Additional equipment optional:

- Driver's cab with heating and ventilation / air 

- Hydraulic screed 2.46 - 4.26 feet
- Hydraulic screed 0.98 - 2.46 feet
  Option: vibration motor attached to the screed

         Data sheet as PDF for downloading or printing

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