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WP50 - with cabin

      road widener

Additional equipment optional:

- hydraul. adjustable truck pressure rollers

- cabin

- customer-specific options on request

The Tanguay WP50 is a self-propelled hydrostatically driven side road widener. The hydrostatically controlled steering ensures the most precise steering movements and therefore excellent installation.


Its maneuverability and small transport dimensions mean that it can be loaded and unloaded quickly by turning the paver.


Most of the functions are carried out by a simple joystick control, whereby a hydraulically precise setting of the screed is guaranteed.


The Tanguay WP50 is ideally suited for paving asphalt, gravel, humus, RC, etc. in hard shoulder and shoulder. He controls the paving speed by pushing the pick-and-place vehicle.


- road widener
- 1-man operation
- Installation on the right

        Data sheet as PDF for downloading or printing

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